What We Offer

Buy, hold, and sell gold, or generate income with our longer-term programs backed by your gold. Safely stored in a Lloyd's Of London-insured vault, at no cost to you.


  • As low as $100,000 to start
  • Industry leadingrates
  • World-classservice
  • Same daypurchases


  • Securevault
  • Insured:
  • by Lloyd's of London
  • CertifiedSecurity team


  • No costto sell
  • Spot Goldprice
  • Fastservice
  • Simpleprocess


UP TO5%/yr
  • 5year plans
  • 10year plans
  • 15year plans
  • 20year plans

We Make It Easy.

Convert your cash to coin -- and back to cash -- with US Gold.

Buy Gold

Buying gold with US Gold is simple, private, and secure. Simply give us a call on our toll-free number, (800) 607-4600, and let us know how many 1-oz US monetary gold coins you'd like to purchase. Arrange your payment via cash, ACH transfer, cashier's check, or even BitCoin. You pay only the current Spot Gold price at the time of the purchase 1, a plus small premium. (Minimum orders of $100,000 -- contact us for further information).

We'll take care of the acquisition and delivery of your gold to a secure vault and have your account set up for you the same day, or we'll securely transport it to another location you specify for a small additional fee. 

Store Gold

Most of our customers choose to deposit their physical gold coin assets in the state-of-the-art United Precious Metals Association (UPMA) gold vault in Utah. There is never a storage charge for US Gold private clients.

All gold assets on deposit at UPMA are fully insured by Lloyds of London.

Sell Gold

When the time is right to sell contact your US Gold Consultant at (800) 607-4600 anytime day or night (24/7) to lock-in the current Spot Gold price. Gold sale proceeds are sent by US Bank Wire Transfer the next business day - no additional fees apply to the sale.

Most of our clients prefer to wire transfer to their Brokerage account or their attorney's Client Trust account for privacy.

(1) Actual time of purchase is defined as when US Gold receives funds for the gold purchase, and may vary from minutes (for an ACH wire) to days (for a personal check).

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